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Caroline School

Caroline School

At the Caroline School, abilities, rather than disabilities, dictate the pace and path that each student follows. With an average class size of eight learners and a staff to student ratio of 1:4, teachers are able to meet every student at their level.

• Students are given the physical support necessary to engage in brain and body integration.

• Students build meaningful intrapersonal (emotions, myself, and I) and interpersonal (peers and adults) relationships.

• Students focus on the cognitive skills that are most pertinent to them.

By investing the time and attention for every student to feel safe, secure, and cared for no matter their challenges, we are able to promote an environment conducive to happy and healthy lifelong learners.

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Flexible unit functions as a sound absorber and room divider.

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An affordable, flexible, and mobile solution for charging and storing all generations of iPads®, most 11 Chromebooks, and other tablets with or without cases.

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